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Public Warehousing

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Southampton Terminal operates a multi-customer/multi-use public warehousing facility near the heart of the Port of Virginia. Southampton Terminal offers flexible warehousing solutions for clients with short-term or fluctuating space requirements at a variable cost. 

We allow our customers to modify their inventory levels at any time, allowing you, our customer to minimize supply chain costs and maximize ROI and Profits.  By aiding in Just In Time Shipments and EDI transactions along with the capability to consolidate goods within our warehouse bound for the same destination, your operating costs, labor, and transportation costs are greatly reduced, along you to pass the savings onto your customers.

Public Warehousing: Advantages and usages:

  • Consolidation and product handling/manipulation services
  • Inventory storage with fluctuating storage requirements
  • Overflow storage from manufacturing / distribution productions
  • First-time marketplace entry for a new product or region
  • Multiple distribution locations within a supply chain

Contract Warehousing

Southampton Terminal Contract Warehousing services are custom designed around our customers looking for long term solutions, reduced cost, dedicated facilities, and increased presence within a certain region. Dedicated and specially trained labor, personalized service, account managers, and operating procedures, and individualized storage areas, are just some of the benefits that ensures our customers receive personalized service.
Differences in Contract Warehousing from Public Warehousing

  • Multi-year or Per Arrangement Contracts
  • Aggressive start-up and organizational procedures
  • Dedicated equipment and labor force
  • Quick and custom implementation to our client’s needs

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